Standard Form 1199a - Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form - 1987


Announcing: US Treasury Mandates Direct Deposit for Social Security
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U.S. Treasury will no longer send paper checks. U.S. Dollar Account Direct Deposit is available to
people who receive U.S. federal pension benefits (SSA, VA, OPM) in Croatia.
Within 30 days from receiving this letter, please provide your bank information for direct deposit
of your check. Your payment will be in your bank within 1 business day of the date due! You do not
have to visit your bank to deposit your check. You do not have to worry about a check being stolen,
delayed in the mail, or delivered while you are away from home. Your money is already in your account.
There are two options for direct deposit in Croatia:
U.S. Dollar Account Direct Deposit in Croatia with Zagrebačka banka, d.d. is available to
people who receive U.S. federal pension benefits. Please visit your local branch and request to
have your payment directly deposited into a Social Security U.S. Dollar Account by completing
form 1199A. Bring a picture Identity Document and Social Security number or card to the bank
(your ID card or your Passport.)
Any bank account in a bank in the U.S. Send us the type of the account (Savings or
Checking), the Routing Transit Number of the bank and your bank account. If you have a
Checking account, send us a copy of a blank check from your check book.
If you have other changes to report, remember to notify the U.S. Embassy at
Be sure to include your claim number and your full name, your telephone number, your address and/or
your email address when you report any change.
American Embassy Zagreb
Thomas Jefferson 2
10010 Zagreb
Telephone: 01-661-2272
Fax Number: 01-665-8933
If you have questions about your Social Security check, contact the Federal Benefits Unit ~ Most
questions can be answered by email to
or by phone: 210-720-2426 M, W,
or F. 8:30am – 12:30pm. If you contact us, please include your full claim number.


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