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Citation Processing Center
P.O. Box 1423
Phone 866.353.0454
Alexandria, Virginia 22313
Fax 866.219.4908
Dear Sir or Madame,
You have requested a court date to contest a parking citation which will require completion of
the District Court Affidavit.
Please observe the following rules when completing the affidavit. Improperly completed
affidavits will be returned unprocessed:
 Once you schedule a court hearing, you forfeit your ability to prepay the ticket and your
request cannot be removed or adjusted by the Finance Department.
 Affidavits must be completed by the registered vehicle owner.
 The completed affidavit must be returned within ten (10) business days.
 If you cannot appear on your assigned court date, contact the General District Court at
703.746.4041. The Court will decide what course of action you must take.
 If the citation is upheld, you will be assessed the original fine and any court costs.
Please mail the completed, signed and notarized affidavit with a copy of your driver’s license to
City of Alexandria, PO Box 1423, Alexandria, VA 22313-1423
Upon receipt of the completed affidavit, the hearing scheduling staff will process your request.
Court dates are assigned based on officer availability. On the date of your hearing you will be
required to appear at the Alexandria General District Court, at 520 King Street, Room 201,
Alexandria, Virginia 22314.
A verification of the court date will be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle at the
address listed on the affidavit. If you have questions regarding the affidavit, please call
Citation Processing Center


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