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Independent Reading Project #2 - ELA Grade 6
Name: ________________________ Due Date: ____________
While reading The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, you have been introduced to
many important characters and their character traits. You have also been reading
your own independent reading book(s).
Your task is now to choose ONE of the characters from your independent
reading book to focus on more closely! You may choose the main character or a
different character from the novel. You may want to choose a character that you
identified with, appreciated, found interesting or confusing, etc.
Part I.
Once you have chosen a character for this assignment, you will do several
things. First, fill out the character chart by using character traits to describe your
chosen character. Then write about how this trait is significant or important using
examples and details from the story for support.
 You must identify FOUR different character traits. Avoid using synonyms.
 Examples of Traits – brave, strong, vicious, powerful, sensitive
 Example of a Significance – Ponyboy is brave because he saved
children from a burning church and became a hero.
Part II.
Create a character description to encourage others to read your book!
 Your typed character description should be 2-3 typed paragraphs and must
 What your character looks like
 What your character acts like
 What your character says
 How the character thinks and feels
 What other characters say about him/her
 4 character traits from the chart


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