Dod Inspection Checklist

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DOD Inspection Checklist
Container Serial Number: _______________________________
Inspector: ___________________________ TCN#: _
(UIC #)
Inspectors Initials)
Marking, labeling on packages of hazmat
Verify weight requirements and overpack marks and labels
Certify no HAZMAT for non-HAZMAT containers
Hazmat and internal combustion engines are in the front of the container
Internal Combustion Engines have been verified to ship as non hazmat (No Fuel, batteries disconnected,
Terminals taped, battery secured).
Correct packaging for hazardous material
Blocked and braced (No movement in any direction)
x1 copy of all required documentation placed in weatherproof protective sleeve inside container or
inside drivers side door for vehicle
If vehicle was purged a copy of the purge certificate must be included with the information on the
inside drivers door
CONTAINER - Exterior
Valid CSC Plate/Sticker.
Structural Inspection
Marked and Placarded
UIC and SUN #’s stenciled on all 4 sides of container
Container data plate, Container # and other markings are visible
Seals and Locks are secured on all accessible doors.
Seal numbers are annotated on DD 2890
x1 copy of all required documentation placed in weatherproof protective sleeve (NOTE: Generic DA
5748-R and DD 1750 is required for containers with sensitive items on the exterior of container)
VEHICLES - Exterior
Marked and placarded
UIC and SUN #’s stenciled on front and rear bumpers
Seal placed on driver’s side mirror to indicate CG Inspection was done
If possible, seal all access areas into vehicle where hazmat is located
For purged vehicle, a copy of the purge certificate must be placed in weatherproof protective sleeve at
the back of the vehicle.
Must have at least 4 copies(x1 inside container, x1 outside container, x1 battalion UMO, x1 hazmat
certifier) of the following paperwork as prescribed in the Table on the following page. A description of
required information to be verified is also included below the table.
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