Request For Secondary Review Of Security Deposit Refund


Request for Secondary Review of Security Deposit Refund
Missoula Property Management, LLC strives to ensure a fair distribution of the security deposit between the Landlord
and Tenant based on all available information regarding the condition of the property just prior to the move-in and just
after the move-out. However, we do recognize there may be situations where you have additional information we initially
did not take into account.
The purpose of this secondary review is to make sure you have the opportunity to provide additional information when
you are not satisfied with the rationale for the return or withholding of your security deposit funds. Once this form is
submitted, our review committee will objectively review all information, including your comments, solicit any additional
information from the Landlord (in some cases the Tenant) and make any appropriate adjustments. The process will follow
these steps:
1. Submission of the Request for Secondary Review of Security Deposit (by you)
2. Review Committee will re-assess based on all available information including your account.
3. Within 10 days of the submission date, you will be notified, in writing, of the Committee’s findings along with any
adjustments or explanations.
4. If there are any adjustments to the deposit based on the findings you will either receive a check or possibly an
invoice for additional amounts owed.
5. If you remain unsatisfied with the reasoning, we will invite you in to our office to review the pictures, video, and
other documentation in an attempt to reach a mutual understanding.
If you would like Missoula Property Management, LLC to conduct this committee review, please complete the following
information in as much detail as possible. If needed you may attach an additional page or attach documents to make
your case.
Today’s Date: __________________
Move-Out Date:_____________________________________
Name of Tenants on Lease:____________________________________________________________
Property Address:____________________________________________________________________
Current Address:_____________________________________________________________________
Current E-Mail:_______________________________________________________________________
In the space below state what you are disputing regarding the return of your security deposit. Be specific and
attach any evidence that helps make your point. This may include e-mails, pictures, or any other documents:
Your request will be responded to in e-mail within 10 business days of receipt of your Request for Review.


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