Bcc Research Project Template


BCC Research Project Template
This document outlines the elements that a research proposal must include.
It applies both to proposals for the COACHING program (hereinafter CP) where researchers remain in their
home institutions and are matched with Graduate Institute faculty for supervision, and to proposals for the
VISITING program (hereinafter VP) where researchers spend a semester in Geneva.
Proposals under the VP must also include additional points that are identified in the document.
1. RESEARCHER(S) (Maximum 1 Page per Researcher)
This section includes the names and positions of the researcher(s) who will undertake the research project.
Applications under the CP can be for individual researchers or teams of researchers. Applications for teams
must list the team members and identify a team leader. Applications under the VP program can only be for
individual researchers.
1.1 Highlight relevant work experience and attach detailed CV(s) of the researcher(s) including publications
and relevant work experience
1.2 Role in the project team/Tasks (if more than one researcher involved)
1.3 Match between the researcher(s) profile and the project, showing that the applicant(s) skills and experience
are suitable for the project proposed.
This section presents the proposed research project. It must include a clear delimitation of the research
question, its links to existing studies and how it adds to them. In light of the relatively short timeline of the
programs (6 months) the proposal must describe which data and methods will be used, as well as the timeline.
2.1 Research question, with motivation in terms of both scientific and policy relevance.
2.2 Broad description of the model/regressions to be used.
2.3 Description of data to be used: including quality, frequency, sample size (cross-section and time series
length), as well as availability and access. Preliminary results are a plus.
2.4 Relation of the project to the existing literature, and description of the project contribution beyond existing
2.5 Work plan with timeline, including completion of a working paper, as well as seminar presentation (for the
3. ACTIVITIES IN GENEVA (VP only) ((Maximum 1
This section presents the plan of activities that the researcher intends to pursue during her/his stay at the
Graduate Institute.
3.1 Classes at the Graduate Institute to be taken
3.2 Classes at the Gerzensee Study Center to be taken (subject to availability and approval by the Gerzensee
Study Center)


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