Stud Service Contract - River Retrievers


Stud Service Contract
On this ________day of __________,______________________ ,Rebecca Medeiros , herein after
referred to as “Stud Owner” and owner of , AKC#_____________________________, and
________________________________________herein referred to as “Bitch Owner”, and the owner of
________________________________, AKC # _________________________, hereby agree to breed
their respective dog and bitch as follows:
This is a contractual agreement for the breeding of:
REGISTRATION No:________________________________
OWNED BY:________________________________________
PHONE: EMAIL:_________________________________________
The above described bitch shall be bred to:
STUD DOG:_______________________________________________
REGISTRATION No:_________________________________________
OWNED BY: Rebecca Medeiros
ADDRESS: 7244 High Corner Rd., Brooksville, FL 34602
PHONE: (903)474-4625 (c)
EXPECTED DATE OF BREEDING:________________________
EXPECTED DATE TO WHELP:___________________________
BREEDING WITNESSED BY:__________________________________
A. Mutual Agreements by both parties
1. Both parties agree that this stud service agreement is for stud service only and is not to
be constructed as a guarantee of live puppies upon whelping.
2. Both parties agree that two puppies constitute a litter.
3. Both parties agree that the Stud Owner shall be held harmless of any and all liability,
except as stated herein.
B. Natural Breeding
1. Failed Natural Breeding
a. In the event of condition that warrants an artificial insemination after failed
attempts at a natural breeding, the Stud owner reserves all right in the
selection of the veterinarian to perform the procedure. If the bitch owner
declines the procedure, the Stud owner will be reimbursed for local
transportation and boarding charges from day one, plus a fee of $100.00.
C. Artificial Insemination
1. The Stud Owner agrees that the collection of sperm has been made by a veterinarian
who has collection experience.
2. Using Fresh Extended Semen


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