Parent Volunteer Form


Parent Volunteer Form
The successful operation of the Young Voices Toronto requires more than the capabilities of the Conductors,
Manager and Board Members. Parents are needed to serve on committees, help with fundraising, and general
duties. Parental involvement helps us to keep the cost of operations down which, in turn, keeps your tuition
costs down. Every family is asked to commit at least 15 hours of volunteering over the course of the season.
Please check those areas where you can be of assistance.
Name of Parent (s):
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Name of Chorister:
Please print the name of the parent beside the areas in which you are willing to assist. You will be
notified about the times and activities for which your assistance is needed. Thank you in advance for any help
you can give!
 Key Parents & Rehearsal Attendants
Key Parents (for each division) work closely with the Rehearsal Coordinator and/or General Manager and play
an important role in each division’s weekly activities. Key parents schedule theory markers, chaperones and
volunteers and help to facilitate all Choir activities.
The Rehearsal Attendants is responsible for the supervision of the arrival and departure of choristers at
rehearsals and helping to pass along important information about upcoming events to the choristers.
Attendants are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of rehearsal and stay until the last chorister has
safely left.
Six to eight Key Parents/Attendants are needed for each choir
Theory Marking Volunteer
Using an answer key, mark chorister’s theory books and track pages completed in each book
Recruitment Committee
Create a plan for on-going chorister recruitment and assist in the execution of the plan including flyers &
Coffee Sale Fundraiser Volunteer
Help to organize all logistic aspects of the event.
Wreath Fundraiser Volunteer
Help to hand out wreaths on the delivery day.
Concert Day Duties
Help out on concert days in a variety of roles including chaperone, usher, box office, silent auction, bake sale
Concert Production Committee
Help to organize all logistic aspects of a concert. Requires working with the other committee members starting
two weeks before the concert.
 Sponsorship Committee
Help to develop a sponsorship plan for the current and future years, considering corporations and individuals.
Music Library Committee
Help to maintain the Choirs’ extensive print music library – keep database maintained.
Uniforms Committee
Help with all aspects of the choir uniform including taking measurements, maintaining and managing inventory,
Anniversary Committee
Help to plan and execute the 30
anniversary concert (June 5, 2017). Duties will include liaising with YVT
alumni and recruiting donors and sponsors


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