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Show Your Support for the Nevada Test Site
For each set of Nevada Test Site license plates sold, $25 goes
to the NTS Historical Foundation to support the Atomic Testing
Museum’s on-going educational programs that the Museum
provides to the public about the history of the Nevada Test Site.
To obtain these plates:
• Visit your local Nevada Department
of Motor Vehicles office and
request them.
• Mail in the forms, available at the
DMV website
under the section “license plates.”
(No on-line ordering at this point.) If you wish
to have “personalized” NTS plates, check the
availability at the DMV website.
For a limited time, get low numbered
plates (0200 and below).
Call Rachel Warrick at the Atomic
Testing Museum, 702-794-5123, give
her your phone number and the
DMV office where you wish your
plates to be sent, and that office will
call you when they are ready for you
to pick up.
To preserve and foster public accessibility to the history associated with
the NTS and the nation’s nuclear weapons testing program.
Thank you for your help in fulfilling our mission.


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