Form St-1 - Application Form For Registration Under Section 69 Of The Finance Act, 1994


“Form ST – 1
[Application form for registration under Section 69 of the Finance Act, 1994 (32 of 1994)]
(Please tick appropriate box below)
New Registration
Amendments to information declared by the existing Registrant.
Registration Number in case of existing Registrant seeking Amendment
(a) Name of applicant
(b) Address of the applicant
Details of Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the applicant
(a) Whether PAN has been issued by the Income Tax Department
Yes No
(b) If Yes, the PAN
(c) Name of the applicant (as appearing in PAN)
(a) Constitution of applicant
(Tick as applicable)
(i) Proprietorship
(ii) Partnership
(iii) Registered Public Limited Company
(iv) Registered Private Limited Company
(v) Registered Trust
(vi) Society/Cooperative society
(vii) Others
(b) Name, Address and Phone Number of Proprietor/Partner/Director
(i) Name
(ii) Address
(iii) Phone Number
Category of Registrant
(Please tick appropriate box)
(a) Person liable to pay service tax
(i) Service provider
(ii) Service recipient


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