Campus Recreation Camps Health History And Medical Authorization Form


Campus Recreation Camps Health History and Medical Authorization Form
Participant’s Name: _________________________________________________ Birth Date: ________________________________________
Home Address:________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Instructions: We ask that you complete this form in order to help assure that your child’s camp experience will be healthy and happy. It is not
necessary to have this form filled out by a physician, however, if you have a physical fitness form, completed by a physician, please attach it.
Health History: Please check below those that apply and give approx. dates where applicable.
Yes/ No (If “Yes” to any, please provide information.)
__________ ADD/ADHD
__________ Anxiety
__________ Asthma
__________ Autism
__________ Behavioral issues __________ Bleeding/Clotting
__________ Bipolar
__________ Cramps
__________ Depression
__________ Diabetes
__________ Ear Trouble
__________ Fainting
__________ Hay Fever
__________ Headaches Allergies __________ Heart Trouble __________ Nosebleeds
__________ Seizures
__________ Sinus Infection
__________ Sore Throat
__________ Sleepwalking
__________ Other:
Does this child currently take a prescribed medication or treatment (including Homeopathic? If yes, what, when, and why? Please include
a schedule if needed for camp. _______________________________________________________________________
Is your child allergic to any food, drug, or other substance? If yes, please list all allergic substances and describe their reactions:
Has your child ever had any unusual reaction to an insect bite or bee sting? If yes, explain.
Does your child require self-medication (carry an inhaler or anakit)? If yes, you must include a written note from their physician, indicating
the need and training in its safe use. __________________________________________________________________
Is there any factor that makes it advisable for your child to follow a limited program of physical activity? If yes, please
Is your child currently under the regular care of a physician? If so, please explain briefly.
Additional Information: Please attach or write below any background information that might help us interact more effectively with your child and
keep all campers safe. (Does your child have any condition, which someone who does not know your child might consider a concern?) Information
such as: if your child receives care or takes medication for: emotional, behavioral, learning and/or psychological concerns, if she/he has a tendency
to refuse her/his medication, if she/he is frequently “ill”, or if there is a history of homesickness, can help us to provide a better camp experience for
your child. Feel free to use an additional or separate sheet of paper. You may also contact our Camp Director prior to your child's arrival at camp. If
our Camp Director has questions, they may contact you. Our goal is to provide the best possible environment for all children and your cooperation
will be vital to this process. Thank you.
Parent/Guardian Authorization: I hereby authorize the camp staff to consent to medical treatment for my child, and to transport them if necessary.
I will not hold these leaders responsible for the consequences of exercising this power so long as they act in good faith with the best interest of my
child in mind. I further consent to any treatment by any hospital or physician, which, in their judgment, is in the best interest of my child. I will not hold
any hospital or physician responsible for the consequences of accepting my child for treatment upon receiving the consent of camp staff and upon
being shown this Medical Authorization. I expect to be informed of my child’s condition and of treatment provided as soon as possible.
Signatures of Parent(s)/Guardian(s):_______________________________________________________________________________________
Best phone # to reach you: _______________________________________________________________________________________________
If we cannot reach you, please name an emergency contact.
Name:______________________________________________________________ Relationship to participant:_____________________________
Day Phone #:______________________________________ Cell Phone #:__________________________________________________________
Family Doctor’s Name:_________________________________________________ Phone #:__________________________________________
INSURANCE: Each participant is strongly encouraged to be covered by his/her own health insurance. The University of Maine and Campus
Recreation do not provide sickness, health, or accident insurance.
Insurance Company: _____________________________________ Policy/Group No.:_________________________________________________


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