Personal Mission Statement Template


Personal Mission Statement
By Chris Palmer
June 29, 2009
I want to be remembered by my family, friends and colleagues as a person grounded in decency,
simple goodness, infectious vitality and inspiring enthusiasm. Someone with a lasting and
wonderful marriage, a great sense of humor and a strong work ethic. A man who made his role
and responsibilities as a father one of his highest priorities. A person who committed himself to
learning and education and who pursued his accomplishments with passion which left the world
a better place.
I will live a principle-centered life, committed to personal improvement and devoted to my
family and to my role as a husband and father. I will be a wise, dynamic and inspirational leader
whether as a father, professor, filmmaker, environmentalist, author, speaker, humorist or board
I will not let circumstances, feelings, old habits or past conditioning determine my response to
challenges. Rather, I will live according to the commitments and values I have articulated in this
Personal Mission Statement, including continuous, constant and never-ending improvement in all
the domains of my life, both personal and professional.
I will set and achieve ambitious goals. I will raise my productivity to extraordinarily high levels.
I will find serenity while accomplishing great results.
I will continue learning that all true and lasting change occurs from the “inside out.” Instead of
trying to change a situation or person, I will look to myself first for change. I will become the
change I want to see in the world and improve myself before I try to improve others.
A separate document called Goals for Chris Palmer describes in detail my goals for
implementing this Personal Mission Statement.
I have organized my Personal Mission Statement into seven roles (or responsibilities) described
below. In my weekly planning, I will fill the upcoming week with activities and meetings which
are derived directly and explicitly from these seven roles and from my Goals for Chris Palmer
First, my role as a person who recognizes the importance of renewal and self-development:
The first and most important role in my life is renewal and self-development, the vital process of
enhancing my capacity to make me a more effective and fulfilled person. I have to take care of
myself before I can take care of anybody or anything else. This role encompasses four
dimensions: physical, social/emotional, mental and spiritual.
Physical: I will exemplify peak vitality and outstanding health. My 60-minute-plus daily
exercise regimen (see Dad’s Exercise Book for details) focuses on strength, endurance,


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