Goal Game Template With Instructions


This is a game for 2 players. Choose 2 football
Choose a multiplication table and, using the colour of
your team, write the first 6 answers of the
multiplication table at random in every rectangle on
the field except the goal. (try to make sure that each
rectangle has a different answer to adjoining
Your partner should do the same, but upside down to
you so he/she can see their numbers.
Write ‘start’ in your part of the centre circle.
Roll the dice to see who starts. Place the ball (A
round counter of course!) on your ‘start’ part of the
centre circle.
Roll the dice, multiply the number by the times table
number, and if the answer is in any rectangle touching
the ‘start’ section vertically, horizontally, or
diagonally forwards or backwards move the ball to
that rectangle and roll again. Keep moving and rolling
as long as you are able. When you can no longer
move you loose possession and it is your opponent’s
turn!(If you can move, you have to move!)
If you get the ball to one of the 3 rectangles nearest to
your opponents goal you can shoot! 1-3 is a
4-6 is a miss!
The winner is the person who scores first-or you could
play a time game-for example, 5 minutes.


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