National Honor Society Application Form


National Honor Society Application Form
Leadership and Service
Directions: Please type all information into the leadership application form below and have it signed by the
appropriate teacher or community member. The service log may be hand-written but must be in ink. When
turning in the application, please staple the service log to the back of the leadership application (with this page
appearing in front).
Under the National Honor Society guidelines, a student is considered to have acceptable leadership if he or she
exercises the following qualities:
 Is resourceful in proposing new solutions to problems and making suggestions
 Exercises positive influence on peers in upholding the school’s character ideals
 Demonstrates academic initiative*
 Successfully holds school and/or community offices or positions of responsibility
 Goes above and beyond basic school or community expectations to demonstrate reliability, efficiency,
or effectiveness
 Demonstrates leadership at work or in community activities
 Successfully organizes and implements group projects and/or activities
 Actively assists others to achieve at a higher level through a school or community sponsored program
*This indicates AP or Pre-AP level classes. In combination with those, you may document level 4 languages or classes that
show challenge in a variety of subjects.
Please provide a detailed written statement with specific examples as to how you have accomplished five of the
criteria listed above. At least four of the five examples must come from the school setting, and only one
example can be used from outside of the school setting.
1. Criteria:
Type the criteria here
Specific Example:
Type the example here, deleting and replacing this text with your own. Please limit the length to the space provided.
Teacher or Community Member Verification (Print Name) _______________________________________
(Sign Name) _______________________________________


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