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Personal Loan Agreement
This loan agreement is made and will be effective on ___/___/___
hereinafter referred to as the “Borrower” with a street address of
hereinafter referred to as the “Lender” with a street address of
Terms and Conditions:
Promise to Pay:
Within _______ months from today, Borrower promises to pay the Lender_________________________
dollars ($_______) and interest as well as other charges avowed below.
Although this agreement may be signed below by more than one person, each of the undersigned
understands that they are each as individuals responsible and jointly and severally liable for paying back
the full amount.
Details of Loan: Agreed Between Borrower and Lender:
Amount of Loan: $__________
Other (Describe) $__________
Amount financed: $__________
Finance charge: $__________
Total of payments: $__________
Repayment of Loan:
Borrower will pay back in the following manner: Borrower will repay the amount of this note in _____equal
continuous monthly installments of $____________ each on the _____ day of each month preliminary on
the _____day of _______, 20____, and ending on _________, 20____.
Prepayment of Loan:
Borrower has the right to pay back the whole exceptional amount at any time. If Borrower pays before
time, or if this loan is refinanced or replaced by a new note, Lender will refund the unearned finance
charge, figured by the Rule of 78-a commonly used formula for figuring rebates on installment loans.
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