Personal Experience Essay


Personal Experience Essay
Name____________________________________________Scores: _____- ______
Due Date for ERD (edited* rough draft) …………Monday, September 20.
*evidence of editing and a signature by a parent, grandparent, babysitter or someone who knows more
than you.
Due Date for PC (polished copy*) …………...Monday, September 27
*polished copy refers to a typed paper with these guidelines:
Typed in 14 pt. Times New Roman or plain-type font, 1.5 or double spaced
Printed in black ink on plain white paper
Without a report cover or plastic sleeves
With the ERD and evaluation sheet attached
Prompt: Write an essay about a personal experience that was important to you.
Purpose: To share and explain an experience from your life. (Yes, this essay can be
used as the focus or topic of the Autobiography presentation) MAKE AN EXTRA COPY
for yourself TO use when organizinging/writing/practicing YOUR SPEECH.
Two grades will be awarded for your essay based on the rubrics outlined below.
The essay must have a clear beginning, middle and end.
A beginning grabs the reader's interest; sometimes it gives background information and hints
about the meaning or importance of the event.
A middle tells about important events, describes people and places, and tells the writer's thoughts
and feelings in detail.
An ending explains the outcome and shows the meaning of the experience and what the writer
learned from it.
Content Evaluation
I. Grabs the reader’s attention at the beginning. (10)
II. Focuses on one experience and why it is important to the reader. (15)
III. Provides background information and details as needed. (15)
IV. Uses descriptive language and details to help the reader fully
appreciate the experience (25)
V. Has a clear beginning, middle and end. (10)
VI. Has a strong conclusion that summarizes the importance
of the experience. (10)
VII. Entertains the reader with style and personality on paper (voice) (10)
VII. Grading sheet (5)
Mechanical Evaluation
I. Written in complete sentences. (20)
II. Written in well organized multi-paragraphs (20)
III. Essay flows well and is easy to follow (10)
IV. Essay has a minimum of capitalization, punctuation, spelling
and grammatical errors. (30)
with ERD
VIII. Polished copy is turned in neat and according to directions
(20) ___________


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