Middle School Reading Log


 Required: Read for 300 minutes and get a parent signature verifying each reading session
(the log was sent home on Thursday 12/18). You have two options to choose from plus the
extra credit option.
 Required: Study MAP vocabulary (the individualized list was provided at the beginning of the
school year and is based on each student's individual score on the end of the year 6th grade
MAP test)
 Not Required: Study for the spelling bee (the 7
grade list was provided)
Not Required: Study for the Word within the Word Stem cumulative test list 1-12
Optional Extra Credit: Read Life as we Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer. Fill out the reading
log as you read and get a parent signature after each session. As you read the novel, look for
the theme (the underlying message about human nature hidden in the book) and write a five
paragraph literary analysis on what you think the theme of the book is.
Happy reading!
-Ms. Hagy, Ms. Williams, Ms. Naaz and Ms. Alfonso


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