2015 Osu Intern Master Gardener Volunteer Log Sheet Template


2015 OSU
Master Gardener
Volunteer Log Sheet
This form is intended for Metro area Master Gardener Program Intern Volunteers only
Office Use Only
NAME _______________________________________________________ EMAIL __________________________________________________________
ADDRESS_____________________________________________________________ PHONE ______________________ COUNTY _________________
Date rcvd _________________
Your Own
Lbs. of Produce
Mileage (for your
OSU MG Program
Partner Activities**
Continuing Ed
personal taxes)
Interns – 56 Total volunteer hours required
(A minimum of 28 should be OSU MG Program Activities*)
OSU MG PROGRAM ACTIVITIES*: Describes MGs volunteering on behalf of OSU Extension at these pre-approved Metro area MG Program
activities only: Phone clinics (in office and MG Dx work) and MG program remote tabling clinics at farmers’ markets, garden shows, fairs, Zoo,
etc. Also includes Garden Educators (Garden Educator’s Guild, 10-Minute U, Community Garden or School Garden.)
(Note: Doesn’t include any tour activities)
PARTNER ACTIVITIES**: Describes all other educational or support activities by OMGA Chapters or other partners that are pre-approved by
the Metro area MG program staff that support or enhance the Metro Master Gardener program. Some include: Demo garden work- (Chapter
managed-Multnomah Co. Learning Garden Lab, Washington Co. fairgrounds, Jenkins Estate, Clackamas Co. Grow an Extra Row, etc.), Extension
managed sites (Hopkins Demonstration Forest, Clackamas Co. Ext. office), Chapter work, Chapter meetings (1 hour max. each meeting), Clackamas
Spring Garden Fair (non-10 Minute University and non-MG program tabling clinics), Pittock Mansion or International Rose Test Garden, or Peninsula
Park tours or deadheading (non-tabling clinics), Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, Portland Memory Garden, Oregon Food Bank, and plant sales
and plant check, soil testing clinics, MG Advisory Committees, activity/class coordinators, special skills work (office support, website & computer
support), MG fundraising or promotional events. Also includes: writing articles for MG newsletter, garden tours, Doernbecher, etc.
Contact program office for MG Project Application forms for any new project.
Services that Do Not Qualify as Volunteer Hours - service performed on behalf of another organization that has not been pre-approved by the
metro MG program staff; attendance at training/classes for your own continuing education or attendance at fall recertification class or “*” MG training
classes or any other recertification activity. Also any service or activity where you receive pay does not qualify as volunteer hours.
Public Contacts- list total numbers for all activities when possible. In most cases, activity/event coordinators submit public contact records.
Lbs. of Produce Donated-from your private garden or community garden. Make sure not to double report a group donation.
Mileage- Keep track of mileage for your own records. Check with IRS for deduction rates (hours traveled are not counted as MG volunteer hours.)
Activities: List TOTAL number of hours in these recommended activities. (Also, record individually on next page.)
Phone Clinic
Remote Clinic
Plant sales:
Demo Garden:
Chapter Support:
Public Gardens:
(14 hours min.)
(14 hours min.)
(3 hours min.)
(10 hours min.)
(3 hours min.)
(9 hours min.)
(3 hours min.)
Please note:
You are only considered a volunteer by OSU by submitting your volunteer hours.
3/5/15 version
Attach all log sheets and mail to: MG Volunteer Hours, 200 Warner-Milne Rd., Oregon City, OR 97045 or Fax to 503-655-8636 by OCTOBER 1


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