Form Lp 202 - Amendment To The Certificate Of Limited Partnership


LP 202
Uniform Limited Partnership Act
This space for use by Secretary of State.
August 2012
Amendment to the
Secretary of State
Certificate of Limited Partnership
Department of Business Services
Limited Liability Division
501 S. Second St., Rm. 357
Springfield, IL 62756
Please type or print clearly.
Payment may be made by check
Filing Fee: $50
payable to Secretary of State. If check
is returned for any reason this filing
Please do not send cash.
will be void.
1. Limited Partnership Name:________________________________________________________________
2. Date of filing initial Certificate of Limited Partnership: __________________________________________
3. The Certificate of Limited Partnership is amended as follows:
(Check applicable changes below. For address changes, P.O. Box alone is unacceptable.)
o a) Admission of a new General Partner (state name, street and mailing address below).
o b) Dissociation of General Partner (state name below).
o c) Change in General Partner’s name and/or address (state new name and address below).
o d) Change in Partner’s total aggregate contribution amount (state new dollar amount below).
o e) Change in Limited Partnership’s name (state new name below).
o f) Change of Designated Office (state new address below).
o g) Change of Registered Agent and/or Office (state new name and/or address below).
o h) Other (state information below).
4. Additional information by item:
(Attach additional sheets of this size if more space is needed.)
♻ Printed on recycled paper. Printed by authority of the State of Illinois. March 2013 — 1 — C LP 9.19


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