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1. In most stories the reader can tell where and when the story occurs. In one or two
complete sentences, tell where and when this story takes place and note any special or
unusual features of the time period that add to the overall meaning of the novel.
2. Most stories have a main character and one or two others who are particularly
important. Choose two to three important characters from this book and in complete
sentences describe them. What do they do? How do they act? What makes them
special? What is important about them?
3. For a story to be interesting, the characters must solve one or more problems that cause
or resolve a conflict among them. In at least two complete sentences, describe the most
important conflict or problem the characters must solve in this story.
4. In class this year, we will be discussing the idea that the theme of a story is its general
truth. What do you think is the overall theme of this novel? Explain two scenes from the
book that expresses the theme you have stated.
5. The title of any book is chosen specifically for that novel. Why do you think the author
chose the title for this book? Give examples from the novel to support your ideas.
6. Would you recommend this novel to other students? Why or why not?
I have not read this book before, and I read the entire book.
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