Existing Vendor Change Of Business Form, Form W-9 - Request For Taxpayer Identification Number And Certification

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Instructions for Vendors
Filling out the form:
1) The name of the vendor/business must reflect the same name and address as will appear on invoices submitted. Please
include DBA (doing business as), if applicable. Name and address discrepancies may cause delays in payment. If you
require additional addresses, such as a specific location where purchase orders are to be sent, or a payment remittance
address, please use the Application for New Vendor, clearly marked.
2) All vendors must submit their Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), commonly known as Employer Identification
Number (EIN) / Federal Tax ID, or Social Security Number (SSN) for those vendors who are conducting business as
individuals. Vendors must also submit a completed Request For Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
(IRS Form W-9).
3) Sign and date the form and fax the COMPLETE form along with IRS Form W-9 to (562) 654-9498. If preferred, the
COMPLETE form and IRS Form W-9 can be scanned and e-mailed to psg-vsu@lausd.net. Incomplete forms will
not be processed.
Additional Information:
For information relating to LAUSD’s revolving door restrictions / cooling periods, please review the Employee Code of
Ethics and Contractor Code of Conduct available on our Ethics Office website at
For any questions regarding vendor forms, please contact LAUSD’s Procurement at:
Prequalification/Vendor Services Unit, 8525 Rex Road, Pico Rivera, CA 90660
Phone: (562) 654-9404; Fax: (562) 654-9498; E-mail:
Please note that in accordance with the California Franchise Tax Board,
Publication 1017
and Revenue and California
Taxation Code Section 18662, the Los Angeles Unified School District is required to withhold 7% on all payments made
to non-California resident service providers for professional services, rents, leases, or royalties paid. Any funds withheld
shall be remitted to the California Franchise Tax Board on a quarterly basis.
Some vendors may be exempted from this requirement by completing a
Withholding Exemption Certificate (California Form
certifying their exemption status and submitting the California Form 590 to LAUSD’s Accounts Payable Branch via
regular mail, e-mail, or
fax. The California Franchise Tax Board may also authorize a waiver of or reduced withholding.
For additional information on tax withholding requirements or to request for a waiver of or reduced withholding, you may
visit the California Franchise Tax Board at If you have any other questions, please contact one of our
Accounts Payable customer service representatives at (213) 241-4800.
If your organization is a Small Business Enterprise (SBE), please provide proof of certification from any California public
agency. If your organization is not an already certified SBE but the organization meets the proper size standards in
accordance with the Small Business Administration (SBA), consider obtaining certification by visiting the State of California
Department of General Services site ( ). At this time, Procurement does not
have a program dedicated to SBE certification; however we will accept that of another California public agency and note it in
our financial system. The gathering of SBE information is solely for reporting purposes.
(SBA website: )
Vendors interested in doing business with LAUSD should consider registering on Procurement’s Vendor Registration site at
This will allow vendors to view current and upcoming procurements released by Procurement
and decide whether or not they would like to compete by submitting bids or proposals. Vendor Registration is NOT the
same as having a vendor number in LAUSD’s financial system. A vendor number in LAUSD’s financial system is for
facilitating the payment process against a contract and/or purchase order after an award determination has been made.
LAUSD Existing Vendor Change of Business Form
Rev. 1/2012


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