Paper Bag Book Report


Name: _______________________________
Paper Bag Book Report
Due: Friday, May 1
This book report is a different format from the reports we usually do. Instead of writing
a summary of your book, you will be illustrating your book on a paper bag. Each side of
the paper bag will have different information about your book on it.
For this book report you are going to need the following:
● One brown paper bag
● Pencil
● Markers, crayons, or colored pencils
Front of Bag
The title of your book
Author’s name
An illustration showing an important event in the book
A caption explaining your illustration
Your name
Sides of the Bag- Characters
Draw two main characters from the book. Be sure to include a description of the
character (what they look like, their personality and character traits). You can
choose one side of the bag or you can draw and write about your characters on
both sides.
Back of Bag
Top of bag- Draw the setting- be sure to include details on where the story takes
place and mention the time (past, present, future).
Bottom of Bag- Summary of the story- Summarize the main events in your book.
Only include the main ideas and avoid using unimportant details. Include the
beginning, middle, and end of the story. Use at least 5 sentences.


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