Paper Bag Book Report Guidelines


Paper Bag Book Report Guidelines-Due March 26th
For this assignment, you will be taking an ordinary paper sack (lunch size) and decorating
the outside to represent your book. For example: If you read a book that takes place in a
side 1
forest, you might decorate
of your bag with actual leaves or a drawing of the
forest. Inside of the bag, you will place 3-5 items that represent significant events,
characters, or themes from the book. Be creative, humor is always appreciated, as long
as it is in good taste. *One item can be in picture form (taken from the internet,
magazine, or newspaper). However, I encourage you to find real objects.
You will be required to present your book report bag to a small group, explaining how each
item you have chosen relates to the book you have read.
What you need to do:
1. Choose a Mystery/Adventure book to read for your report. Decorate a paper
bag (lunch size to grocery size) on the outside to represent your chosen book.
2. Decorate the bag: use anything that relates to the book – be creative. Make it
colorful, neat, and relevant.
Side 1
: Title, author, and illustration of setting
Side 2
: Book Review-Rate the book 1-5 (1 being low). Give your opinion of
the book and provide specific examples from the text that support
your opinion.
3. Place 3-5 items in the bag that represent significant events, characters, or
themes from your book.
4. Oral Presentation- Student will present their “Book Report in a Bag”, using the
selected items to guide them through a summary of the book. Remember NOT
to give away the ending. Your main purpose for sharing is to entice your peers
to read this book. Students will also explain the sides of their bag.
(see rubric on reverse)


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