Export Manufacturing Exemption Application

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Export Manufacturing Exemption Application
Assessment Year
[ ] 2015
[ ] Other _______
Organization Name
BPP Account #
Office of the Assessor
Parcel ID #
155 S Seward Street
Name of Applicant
Juneau AK 99801
Email Address
In Accordance with CBJ 69.10.020(10) certain Real Property and Business Personal Property may be partially exempt
when used in a manufacturing business. Application for this exemption must be submitted to the municipal assessor
before January 31 of the applicable tax year.
Primary Phone #
Secondary Phone #
Mailing Address
Property Address
Type of Business
Sales Tax Account Number
Has this property ever been taxed in the CBJ?
[ ] Yes [ ] No
Is this property used in a trade or business having fewer than 500 annual full-time
[ ] Yes [ ] No
equivalent employees?
How Many? ___________
Does this business create employment within the CBJ?
[ ] Yes [ ] No
Does this business generate sales outside the CBJ of goods produced within the CBJ?
[ ] Yes [ ] No
What percent of total production is exported outside the CBJ?
Does this business reduce the importation of goods from outside the CBJ?
[ ] Yes [ ] No
Has this property been used in the same trade or business in another municipality within the
[ ] Yes [ ] No
past 6 months?
List detail of real or personal property and the total market value which you are seeking to
Total market value to be exempted:
be exempted. (use attachment if necessary)
I hereby certify that the answers given on this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that a
willful misstatement is punishable by a fine or imprisonment under AS 11.56.210.
Signature and Title of Applicant:
Assessor Approval [ ] Yes [ ] No Date: ___________ Comments:
Contact Us: CBJ Assessor’s Office
Physical Location
Phone # (907) 586-0333
155 South Seward St Rm. 114
Fax # (907) 586-4520
Juneau AK 99801
I:\ADMINISTRATIVE FOLDERS\Forms\2015\2015 Export Manufacturing.docx


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