India Application For The Issue Of A Diplomatic / Official Passport Form


 Download passport application forms (& forwarding note) form the web address:
 Please read the instructions given in passport application form.
 Fill in the form
 Two photographs with white background are required: One is to be pasted on first page
of the application form while the other on the second page & then attested across with
office seal and signature of the head of office.
 Application form is to be submitted along with all necessary documents as applicable
viz: Political/PMO clearance, copy of id of applicant or of the head of the office. If
the applicant has an ordinary passport, it may be kept in the safe custody of the
applicant’s departments and a certificate to this regard i.e. “Safe Custody Certificate:”
in original is to be attached with the application. [The non disclosure of passport(s),
already held, is an offence under Passports Act, 1967]
 If the applicant is in possession of official/Diplomatic passport. The Passport is
required to be submitted in original with the application form. In the event that the
official/diplomatic passport has been cancelled by PV-II Section, MEA; the
cancellation certificate in original is required to be submitted alongwith.
 The papers may be placed in the following order:
1. Passport Application form
2. Political clearance and then the
3. Other relevant document
 In case of group applications, it is advised that a separate group be formed in case the
number of applications exceeds 20 (twenty)


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