Letters Of Responsibility And Apology


I apologize for choking you. I can’t imagine how you felt that night. I did not mean to hurt you in
any way, shape or form. I didn’t mean to harm or hurt you physically o mentally. Once again I am
so so sorry and I apologize.
Dear Victim,
Please except my letter of apology.
I’m truly sorry for my improper behavior which caused you tremendous physical and emotional
abuse. The pain you experienced because of my negligence is not acceptable and I’m truly
sorry. I’m truly ashamed and sincerely sorry for all the pain and suffering I have caused you.
From the bottom of my heart and soul I am truly sorry. I’m not looking for understanding or
forgiveness, I truly feel remorseful for the things that I did. Not only am I remorseful for the
physical abuse that occurred, now I realize the emotional abuse was unspeakable. For all the
embarrassment that you and your family had to deal with because of my lack of control and poor
judgment, I can’t apologize to you enough. The humiliation that you must have felt during that
time must have been unbearable. I’m truly sorry for you having to face co-workers and the public
in your condition. I realize that that my inappropriate actions on that night. Not only did I cause
you physical abuse but the scars of the emotional abuse are equally as painful of not more, and
for that I am truly sorry. I know now that in a relationship you have to have respect as a priority
and by my actions I showed you lack of respect and for that I am sincerely sorry. If I could relive
those moments, I would have just walked away and never touched you. My inappropriate actions
caused you tremendous pain and suffering, and I take full responsibility, I hold myself 100%
accountable. And this is something I’m not proud of. I’m truly ashamed of my actions. I pray that
in time your emotional pain will be healed. I know it is something you will never forget, but I pray
that with time it may become a little easier for you. I was attracted to you because you are a kind
and loving person, and I’m sincere when I tell you I’m sorry for the emotional scars. I wish you the
most happiness you deserve in life. Again I am truly sorry for all the pain and scars I have
caused you. I pray again with time things will be better for you. Please accept my apology from
the bottom of my heart and again I’m, truly sorry for all the pain, embarrassment, humiliation and
anything else I caused you and your loved ones. I understand my actions were the wrong choice
that night when I broke your property when it was not even mine to begin with. Throughout this
whole problem that I created, I have learned so much like how to control my anger. Through my
fifty-two weeks of domestic violence classes I have realized the way I can treat myself and others
around me so things that I do or others do there is always a lesson to be taught and I have
learned. Thank you for reading this and hearing me.


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