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Contract for Building
(Construction or Repair)
This Contract is made on
August 16, 2007
BETWEEN the contractor
whose address is
referred to as the “Contractor,”
AND the Property Owner(s)
whose address is
referred to as the “Owner.”
If there is more than one Property Owner, the word “Owner” shall mean each Property Owner named above.
1. Agreement. The contractor agrees to perform certain construction, alteration or repair work (referred to as
the “work”) in accordance with this Contract. All work will be done in a good, sound and workmanlike
manner. The Contractor will begin the work no later than
and complete the work on or before
2. Work. The work is described as follows: (check box if applicable)
! A detailed Description of the work is attached hereto as Schedule
The work will be completed exactly in accordance with the Drawings, Plans and Specifications made by
the Architect.
These Drawings, Plans and Specifications are signed by the Owner and Contractor or their approved agents and identified as follows:
(check box if applicable)
! Copies of said Drawings, Plans, and Specifications are attached hereto as Schedule
Owner will provide the Contractor with all the Architect’s drawings and explanations as required to indicate the
work to be done. The Contractor will follow these drawings and explanations as long as they are consistent
with the original Drawings, Plans and Specifications.
3. Location. All work will be completed on the property (called the “Property”) known as:
4. Price. The agreed upon price is
to be paid as follows:
Schedule of Payments: (check box if applicable)
! A detailed schedule of Payments is attached hereto as Schedule
5. Materials. The Contractor will provide the materials, supplies, equipment, services and labor necessary for
the complete performance of this Contract. Unless otherwise agreed, all materials will be new and of good
6. Compliance with Laws. The Contractor will comply with all applicable Federal, State and local laws
regarding work, materials and the safety of persons or property. The Owner will not be responsible for any
loss or damage to the work or any property of the Contractor.
7. Arbitration of Disputes. Either the Owner or the Contractor may submit any dispute related to this
Contract to arbitration in accordance with the American Arbitration Association’s Construction Industry
Arbitration Rules. The decision will be binding upon both the Owner and the Contractor.
8. No Oral Changes. This Contract can only be changed by an agreement in writing signed by both the
Owner and the Contractor. no variations, alterations, deviations, deletions or extra work can be made unless
both the Owner and the Contractor specifically agree in writing.
9. Failure to Complete Work. The Contractor must properly and diligently complete the work provided for
in this Contract. Otherwise, the Owner may notify the Contractor in writing that he must begin work within
three days or the Owner will complete the work by other means. Any additional cost to complete this work
will be charged to the Contractor.


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