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Here is a sample worksheet to set your project budget. 
Facilities Rental                                  $ ____________ 
Admission Fees                                     $  __________   
(multiply anticipated attendance by ticket price, subtract 
any fees incurred from ticket sales) 
Food                                                     $ ____________ 
Co‐Sponsors (Please List Below)        $  __________ 
Lodging                                                $ ____________ 
Fundraising                                            $  __________ 
Publicity                                              $ ____________ 
Anticipated Student Activity Fees       $ __________ 
Speaker Fees/Honorariums             $ ____________ 
_____________________      ___________      _________ 
Student Activity Fees                                Amount Requested       Amount Awarded 
Supplies                                               $ ____________ 
_____________________      ___________      _________ 
Technical Support                             $ ____________ 
Student Activity Fees                                Amount Requested       Amount Awarded 
Travel                                                   $ ____________ 
Other Income                                                 $  ___________ 
Security                                               $ ____________ 
$ ____________ 
Films License or Permits                   $ ____________ 
Registration Fees                               $ ____________ 
Other                                                   $ ____________ 
$ ____________ 
*If your totals do not match, you may need to adjust your program accordingly. 


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