Manufacturers' Inventory Report Vw


Feasibility Analysis
Technical Feasibility: Can We Build It?
Familiarity with Application
• This project is similar to five other projects the SAD (Systems Analysis and Design, Inc.)
development team has completed for small commercial businesses. SAD has successfully used
RAD to provide basic functionality for end-users, then incorporated additional features during
each iteration of the development process.
Familiarity with Technology
• The application will be built in Microsoft Access, which SAD analysts/programmers have
extensive experience with.
• The employees at VW have virtually no experience using MS Access or an automated rental
processing system but all are comfortable with using PCs. Training should be sufficient to
overcome their inexperience.
Project Size
• Project size is relatively small. There is only one VW store at this time. Future expansion is
planned but will not affect this project, though business expansion may lead to subsequent
Economic Feasibility: Should We Build It?
Development Costs
• Four networked PCs and software -- $6,500
• $11,000 for SAD, Inc. development and implementation
• $2,000 for user manuals and training
Annual Operating Costs
• $500 technical support fee to SAD once system is installed.
• $750 for hardware/software replacement and upgrades.
Annual Benefits (Cost Savings and Revenues)
• $9,600 in increased in rental orders
• $4,800 in payroll savings
• $2,500 savings due to tracking/recovery of rental tapes
Intangible Costs and Benefits
• Save time for customers.
• Increase customer satisfaction with VW.
• Free some of employees’ time to provide more assistance to customers.
Organizational Feasibility: If We Build It, Will They Use It?
Project Champion: Steven Haskins, Owner of Video World. Steven believes this project is essential to
VW’s success. He also hopes it will enable the business to expand to other outlets.
System Users: VW employees are enthusiastic about automating some of the work they do at VW.


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