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Sample Cover Letter
1807 Construction Road
Position Description
Apartment #18
The Pharmaceutical Sales Representative is responsible for
Notre Dame, IN 46556
achieving sales goals and implementing company-approved
programs within a (company assigned) geographi-
October 15, XXXX
cally defined territory . This is accomplished by providing
company-approved information and services to all classes
of accounts such as physicians, retail pharmacies, hospitals,
4 blank lines here
wholesalers, and managed care organizations . The Sales
Representative is also responsible for coordinating sales
strategies with appropriate teammates to maximize sales in
Mr. Phillip Sorrel
territory .
Director of Sales
ABC Corporation
1 Industry Plaza
Framington, NJ 20589
Show that
Start out
you’ve done your research to
2 blank lines here
with the name of your
keep the reader’s interest
referral if applicable
Dear Mr. Sorrel:
I recently spoke with Mr. Connors at the Fall Career Expo at the University of Notre Dame
regarding career opportunities within the pharmaceutical industry, and he suggested I contact
you. ABC Corporation’s recent market expansion and use of the most current biotechnology in its
products is particularly impressive. I am very interested in a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
position with your company and have enclosed my resume for your review.
My Science Business education has exposed me to principles of business—marketing, accounting,
finance, and management—while also establishing the strong science foundation necessary in the
pharmaceutical industry. As a marketing intern last summer, I applied and developed these
skills in a corporate environment. Through interaction with clients ranging from computer
hardware businesses to local grocers, I fostered strong communication skills and the ability to
work with diverse customers. Additionally, I am committed to achieving results. For example,
my new approach to marketing an on-campus community service program increased student
participation by 25%. Given my goal-driven nature and desire to succeed, I am confident that I
can make a positive contribution to your Sales Department.
I would like the opportunity to further discuss my qualifications and any sales opportunities
within ABC Corporation. I will call you during the week of November 1 to see if we might
schedule a convenient time to meet. I look forward to our conversation.
attention to
Keep the
relevant skills, as defined by
letter short and to the
the job description, and dem-
point. Be direct but courteous in
onstrate when and how you
4 blank lines here for
the closing
have used them
Mary Flint
Include if sending a
hard copy of the letter
and resume.
c a r e e r c e n t e r. n d . e d u
( 5 7 4 ) 6 3 1 - 5 2 0 0
n d c p s @ n d . e d u


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