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Cover Letter Sample 1
Joseph Viking
12 Hebron Drive
Ellicott City, MD 21042
Barbara Smith
Project Manager
TK Consulting
5 Beethoven Street
Baltimore, MD 21231
Dear Ms. Smith:
Your ad for an entry-level position caught my attention as I prepare to begin my professional career upon
graduation this spring from Elizabethtown College.
I say “professional” because I have worked steadily throughout college, gaining valuable experience that
equips me to present your company with advantages others may not offer.
For example, as a resident assistant for a 250-person coed dorm, I acquired strong leadership and
interpersonal skills. I am now able to think quickly in emergency situations and in those requiring quick
assessment of many factors in order to make appropriate decisions. Dealing with the diverse concerns
of students, parents, and faculty, I have become adept at operating with the proper mix of authority,
diplomacy, and tact.
While working in this demanding position, I achieved a 3.75 cumulative grade-point average. My double
major, communications and political science, provided me with a thorough foundation in principles that
affect businesses every day.
I would welcome the chance to discuss openings at your firm. If you will contact me at 410.555.1212, we
can schedule a meeting.
Thank you for your consideration.
Joseph Viking


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