Summer Camp Counselor Job Description


Summer Camp Counselor
Job Description
The Camp Counselor shall maintain a leadership role among peer staff and campers in an active summer day camp environment. Be
responsible for the demands and requirements of a group of children (up to 10) ranging from 6 to 12 years old, such as medical,
physical social and emotional needs. Supervise and participate with the campers at all activity sites. Set an example for behavior and
attitude for peer staff and campers. Ensure a safe, supportive environment for all staff and participants. Serve as a liaison between
group and camp administrative staff. Provide regular feedback to camp administrators to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of camp
Counselor Responsibilities:
Make connections with campers and develop meaningful relationships
Provide opportunities for the group so each individual experiences success during camp
Be alert to campers and staff needs and assist with personal and/or health problems; discuss with camp director and/or
parents when appropriate
Show enthusiasm and encourage campers to get involved in all camp activities while respecting the equipment, facilities and
personal property
Set a good example for campers and a role model by demonstrating cleanliness, punctuality, sharing, assisting in clean-up
and other chores, sportsmanship, and table manners
Foster camper character and skill development
Develop and enforce disciplinary guidelines for campers
Be consistent when enforcing policies and procedures
Maintain good public relations when interacting with parents and community members
Instruct campers on emergency procedures and ensure procedures are followed correctly
When transporting campers from one location to another, always ensure all campers are accounted for before departing and
after arrival
Maintain high standards of health and safety in all activities for campers and staff
Daily Duties:
Lead and oversee activity execution keeping activities on schedule and make changes in scheduled activities on-site when
Work closely with administrative staff to create, help develop, lead and implement programming and activities
Oversee various program activities and promote recreation and sport skills through fun, safe and diverse activities
Make suggestions for new activities or procedures to administrative staff
Use personal creativity and experiences, and seek out resources to provide activities which stimulate learning and creativity
among campers
Evaluate and assess program
Recognize and respond to problems as they arise
Be aware of safety hazards and record all injuries with the assistance of the Health and Safety Counselor
Be alert to equipment and facilities to ensure proper utilization, care, and maintenance is adhered to; report repairs needed
promptly to the Director
Eat lunch with campers and ensure that eating area is clean
Supervise daily camp activities to insure safe, fun and enriching experience for all campers
Prepare supplies for daily activities and make sure they are in the appropriate area
Manage overall camp program to insure interns are following activity schedule
Supervise and provide support during daily drop off and pick up and oversee sign in and sign out; answer parent questions
Complete daily activity reports and submit to administrative staff
Conducts camp opening, lunch, and closing announcements
Determine specific camp equipment and supply needs and submit to administrative staff
Clearly articulate program rules and expectations to campers
Fairly and consistently enforce policies and procedures
Facilitate participant problem solving through active listening, guidance, and conflict mediation
Seek assistance when needed from administrative staff when needed
Effectively communicate with all staff members and campers
Serve as liaison between staff and administrative staff
Work with and support other counselors to ensure a cohesive camping environment that serves all involved
Prepare for and actively participate in staff training and meetings


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