Collection Authorization Letter (Cal)


Thank you for the account(s) placed with us. In order to facilitate collections we ask that you sign this
Collection Agency Agreement. We are often asked by debtor(s) to furnish authorization for making
collections on your behalf. Please complete the Collection Authorization Letter (CAL) for each case you
authorizes our firm to act as your agent to collect, while we direct the debtor to pay you directly we are
authorized to receive and deposit payments for your business into our Client Trust Account, for
settlement and satisfaction of your accounts in your name. In general, we perform any act not
constituting the practice of law for you in all matters arising on any accounts placed with us. No
settlements shall be made without your written authorization.
Should received by us in your name, we will deposit them as your agent and remit the funds after
retaining our fees to you upon clearance of said payment. Usually payments will be sent to your
Company Bank Account directly, you must immediately notify us so we can maintain a proper balance
for you and the debtor. In the event any payments have been made on accounts placed with us
including but not exclusive to an installment arrangement between your debtor and our firm we shall be
entitled to our fees within 30 days of receipt of any funds not withstanding termination.
Your authorized signature represents the company and remains in full force notwithstanding any
changes until such time written termination is received in this office. Once claims are placed with us we
start to work on them immediately.
No collection – NO FEE
With a collection, the fees for our services are based on the Age of Accounts.
20% for invoices 30-60 days old - 25% for invoices over 60 days old
Terms 30 days from the date you receive funds from the debtor including any partial payments received.
Assignment to Local Legal Representation (Pre-Court) – Whereby outstanding amounts remain unpaid
after direct collection methods, FDB shall recommend to the Client to assign the Case to an FDB local
legal representative. Upon notification to the Client of such intended action, and with the express written
approval of the Client, the Client authorizes FDB to pursue such action. The fee for local legal
representation varies from country, to country, and shall be agreed on a per Case basis. Pre-court fees
are also on a contingent basis and are typically 30-40% (inclusive of FDB fees) of actual collected
Court Action – In the event that a debt cannot be collected by FDB, or its local legal representation, then
FDB may recommend to the Client to pursue recovery action through the Courts. FDB will only make
this recommendation dependent upon the outstanding amount and the likely success of such action.
Court fees/costs shall be prior quoted by FDB on a per case basis. All non-contingent suit fees and court
costs required prior to any Court action are the responsibility of the Client.
This agreement can be terminated with 30 days notice if submitted in writing, and sent
registered mail to the address below.
Time is of the essence. Avoid any further discussion with your debtor, as this will hinder the
collection process. Please direct all communications to our office.
Your signature below constitutes your agreement to accept the above terms and
Name: ___________________________________________________
Title: ____________________________________________________
Signature: ________________________________________________
1035/22 Floor No. 2 Soi Kunvijit, Sukhumvit 71 Road
North Klongton, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Telephone: +662 713 1831 – Fax: +662 381 2845
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