Guitar Progression Chart With Mnps Pacing Guide


MNPS Pacing Guide:
Guitar I
Quarter 1
Quarter 2
● Label the parts of the guitar
● Identify the components of the staff
● Identify the letter names and numbers of the open strings
● Sing and identify melodic intervals
● Demonstrate proper position and posture
● Expand vocabulary of known chords
● Read a chord chart
● Identify notes on the treble clef
● Play open position chords
● Understand the basics of performance
● Know the origins and history of the guitar
● Understand and perform rhythms of increasing complexity
● Tune the guitar
● Understand and perform simple rhythms
● Sing simple melodies
Quarter 3
Quarter 4
● Demonstrate classical guitar position and posture
● Understand and perform using tablature
● Understand and perform PIMA
● Understand and perform using “Nashville Numbers”
● Perform major arpeggios
● Improvise original passages or pieces
● Sightsing
● Compose original passages or pieces
● Master and perform solo piece
● Listen to and evaluate classical guitar performances


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