Siop Lesson Plan Sample - Reading/reciprocal Teaching


Teacher’s Name: ___Rob Danin________ Date: ___November 2012_______
Content Area/Topic: Reading/Reciprocal Teaching
Group: 4
Content Objective(s):
Language Objective(s): SWBAT
TESOL English Proficiency Standard 1: English
- read appropriate level of expository test
language learners communicate for social,
- read for literacy experience
intercultural, and instructional purposes
- respond to reading through reading and discussion
within the school setting.
Key Vocabulary:
TESOL English Proficiency Standard 2: English
Reciprocal Teaching: Predictor, Questioner, Clarifier,
language learners communicate information,
Summarizer, Cooperative Learning, evidence, questioning,
ideas, and concepts necessary for academic
clarify, summarize, summary, predicting, tame, wild,
success in the area of language arts.
roamed, shy, suspicious
Content Objective(s): SWBAT
- work in small groups to answer questions and
Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS):
present answers
- Through the use of RT the students will utilize a meta-
- provide personal reflections and responses
cognitive approach that allows the students to understand the
Affective Domain Goals:
reading content through explanation of this content to other
- encourage students to comprehend reading
- encourage positive listening behaviors
Materials (including supplementary and adapted):
- copies of pre-selected reading passages
- written “Teacher” prompts
- KWL chart
- Rubric
Teacher Activities: Building Background
Teacher links to Prior Learning (Review):
- Complete the “what I know” (K) and “what they want to know” (W) sections of the KWL chart as it related to
the story passage topic.
Instructional Strategies
_X_Guided Practice
__Independent Practice
The teacher will introduce the RT process by:
- explaining the nature and scope of the RT process
- explaining the specific “Teacher” responsibilities for each small group participant
- modeling the RT process
__Whole class
_X_ Small group
__Other: ________
Description of Cooperative Learning Structure/s:
- The students will explain and provide feedback to help fellow students in their understanding of the reading


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