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Volunteer/Community Service Documentation
Information about Volunteer/Community Service Hours
One-Hundred (100) hours must be documented for the
Bright Futures Academic Scholar’s Award
Seventy-five (75) hours must be documented for the
CCPS AP Laureate Program
Bright Futures Medallion Award
Thirty (30) hours must be documented for the
Bright Futures Gold Seal Award
Recommended for local scholarships and other awards
Can be documented by:
Documenting hours using the requirements and criteria listed below
Requirements for documenting volunteer/community service hours
Be considered capable of representing the school well in the community site
Be capable of participating in activities off-campus without the direct supervision of
school personnel
Be able to arrange their own transportation to and from the site
Criteria for documenting volunteer/community service hours
The student must:
Obtain prior approval from his/her school counselor to ensure that the community
service site meets the criteria and that the student will receive community service
hours for volunteering.
Volunteer services to a non-profit community agency that meets the following
All services are of an altruistic nature, unpaid, and not for personal gain
All services are supervised by an approved adult representative of the
Service does not interrupt a student’s regularly scheduled school day
Service must be completed by the last Term of the student’s senior year
The site is related to service, humanitarian/caring, community needs and
does not involve:
direct supervision/ownership/operation by a family member
the presence of illegal substances or unsafe conditions
the use of students for financial gain
Obtain documentation of service hours from the site supervisor, on agency
letterhead, of student hours, dates of service and service activities.
The service hours will be placed on the high school student’s transcript
after an evaluation is completed by the School Counselor


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