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Transfers should be requested as early as possible and in no case may the request be made later than 7 days after each
semester begins. Special consideration may be given in cases involving medical or legal issues.
To Parents: Your transfer request must meet criteria as outlined below to be approved.
The local board of education maintains the authority to transfer students from one school to another within the school system
just as the board has the authority to make initial school assignments.
Student transfers are approved for one year only and are valid for the school year for which they are issued (a student
must return to his/her home school or reapply under applicable criteria each year). A student may receive only one
transfer during a school year. Transportation for students on transfer, including children of employees, is the
responsibility of the parent /guardian. If a student is granted a transfer, there is no guarantee that it will be to the
requested school. If a student transfers at the high school level, he/she must meet Georgia High School Association
requirements to participate in competitive interscholastic activities. Transfer of a student does not guarantee the transfer
of a sibling. Revocation or denial of transfers may be appealed to the Director of Health and Social Services. Parking
spaces at the high schools are not guaranteed. Transfers are not considered for the following: (grievances arising from
parent-school conflicts, peer group associations, discipline and/or attendance problems, general dissatisfaction with a
particular school). If a request for a transfer is granted, the receiving school principal, with written notice, may revoke the
transfer based on one or more of the following reasons :( the student becomes a discipline problem, excessive absences,
tardies, or late pick-up of student, false information is given on the application form or other records, other just cause).
Permissive Transfers
Approved to schools whose enrollment is below their building capacity. The receiving school principal has sole
authority for approving and revoking these transfers. Student must be in good standing in his/her home school.
Permissive transfers must be renewed yearly. Families moving out of their attendance zone (still within the county) and
those moving out of the county (after spring holidays) may attend for remainder of school year and will be placed on a
permissive transfer (General Information Concerning Transfers Apply). If the move occurs before spring holidays, the
student must be withdrawn.
Child Care Hardship Transfers
Child care hardship transfers are only considered for grades K-5, are renewable each year with appropriate supporting
documentation. The receiving school principal approves, disapproves, and revokes Child Care Hardship transfers.
Students return to home school feeder pattern in 6th grade. Approval for Child Care hardship should be based on the
following kinds of criteria:
A single parent/guardian with a proven economic hardship that precludes commercial child care and the parent has
access to free or significantly reduced child care cost in the district where applying. Documentation substantiating
child care must be provided. (This transfer can be to an over capacity school.)
Parent(s) work schedule is such that they leave home too early or arrive home too late for the operating hours of
commercial child care facilities in their home district. This transfer can only be approved to schools under building
capacity. Documentation must be provided from at least two providers in home district indicating hours of operation,
and provide a statement from employer(s) certifying work hours.
Medical/Legal Transfers
Medical/Legal transfers are evaluated and approved directly through the Office of Health and Social Services with
subsequent appeal steps available. These transfers, when approved, are made to a school selected by the Director of
Health and Social Services. Transfers will be considered for approval when one or more of the following conditions exist:
Concern for physical safety after a traumatizing physical or sexual assault (not covered by No Child Left Behind
Transfers). Evidence and documentation must be presented for events occurring on GCPS property. Traumatizing
physical or sexual assaults occurring off GCPS property require substantial evidence and documentation to be
considered for transfer.
Students returning from current hospitalization for emotional problems and with the written recommendation of a
licensed mental health practitioner.
Students experiencing current significant mental health impairment which necessitates a transfer to another school
will be considered at the written recommendation of a current State of Georgia licensed mental health professional
(i.e., psychologist or psychiatrist) along with a professional recommendation from an official of the sending school.
Extensive documentation and information from the mental health professional including, but not limited to, interviews
with the practitioner, parent/guardian, and student may be required to determine the justification of the transfer.
Court ordered moves.
Medical problems which require a move and with the written recommendation of a physician.


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