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Paid_______ (Initial by Agent- $60 Fee)
How did you hear about us? _______________
Please fill out this form to the best of your knowledge. If certain questions are not applicable, please put N/A
Applying for property located a :
*Unit or floor
: __________________________________________________________________________
*Applicant Full Name: ___________________________________________________________
*Social Security Number: ________________________________
*D.O.B ____/____/_______
*Drivers License State & Number _____________________________--____________________
*Current Residence: ____________________________________________________________
(Street address)
(If dorms, put which one)
(Year at CU)
*Applicant Email Address: ________________________________________________________
*Do you have any pets? ___________ *Make/Model/Description of Car: ____________________
*Current Landlord: ______________________________________________________________
(Name or company)
*Applicant Employer: ____________________________________________________________
*Parent(s)/Legal Guardian (Required- Please only put one name): ________________________
(Best Phone Number)
(Secondary Phone)
*Guarantor/Parent Email Address is
*Have you ever been evicted or asked to vacate? Yes ____ No ______ If “Yes” when and where?
I (we) certify that the facts set for the in this rental application are true and complete to the best of my (our) knowledge. You are hereby
authorized to make any investigation of my (our) personal history and financial credit record. I (We) hereby authorize the release of all
information, Including but not limited to credit information. I (We) agree that a photocopy of this authorization can be accepted with the
same authority as the original. Applicant(s) acknowledged that he/she/they has completed this rental application and that the information
applied herein is true and correct. This rental application becomes a part of the lease. Applicant representations made in the rental
application will be considered inducements to Agents to execute the agreement. Misrepresentations in the application shall be considered
as cause to terminate the lease.
(Applicant signature)
1310 College Ave #310, BOULDER, COLORADO 80302


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