New Employee Information - Checklist Adjunct Faculty


New Employee Information & Checklist:
Adjunct Faculty
Welcome to the University of Alaska Southeast. Please read and complete this checklist and the attached forms. New
employees must sign and date the bottom of this checklist, attach completed forms and return to Human Resources.
Name: ______________________________ Department: _____________________ Work Phone: _______________
Please check all boxes below confirming you have received the information, location or documentation.
If you have questions, call your HR office or visit
 State of Alaska Ethics Code for Public Employees
( )
 Union Collective Bargaining Agreement
(if applicable, download:
 Tax Deferred Annuity Information
Required Forms
The forms listed below are attached. All boxes must be checked to acknowledge that you have received the attached
forms and had the opportunity to complete them. These forms are required to process payroll. If you were employed with
the University of Alaska in the past and have previously completed any of the forms below, you do not have to complete
them again unless they require updating.
Check the box to indicate you have previously completed the form.
 Personal Demographic Form
 I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form
 IRS W-4
 Notification of Previous Injury or Illness
 Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options
 Ethics Disclosure Form (nepotism)
 Ethics Disclosure Form (outside employment)
 Background Check Form
 UA application (with resume, transcripts)
 Union Dues or Agency Fee Deduction Form
(if applicable; download: )
Optional Forms
These forms are optional depending on your choices.
Please check all boxes to acknowledge you have received the forms below.
 Tax Deferred Annuity, Salary Reduction Agreement
 Auto Deposit Form
Submitting Forms (Department/Employee Checklist)
 Make necessary copies of completed forms
 Employee must sign and date this checklist confirming receipt of the above-listed information.
 Attach copy of employee's employment application and/or resume along with official transcripts
 Return all forms (including this one) as a single packet to Human Resources.
Employee Signature______________________________________ Date_________________________
Note: Incomplete packets will be returned to the department.


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