Trustee Resignation Request Letter Template


Trust Transfer Program
Trustee Resignation Request Letter
Trust Officer
City, State ZIP
(Name of Trust Dated __________)
Dear Trust Officer:
We are the current beneficiaries of the ____________________ Trust which was created for our benefit by
______________on [DATE]. We currently have an investment management relationship with a Financial Adviser who, in turn
utilizes the services of Reliance Trust Company to provide trust administrative services for their clients. We are interested in
consolidating all of our assets with our Financial Adviser.
As part of that process, we would like to move the
_______________ Trust over to Reliance Trust Company so that our Financial Adviser can work with us in handling the
investment of the trust assets. Therefore, we respectfully request that CURRENT TRUSTEE resign as trustee in favor of
Reliance Trust Company.
We understand that it may be necessary to obtain a court order allowing CURRENT TRUSTEE to resign and/or appointing
Reliance Trust Company as Trustee. If that is the case, we are willing to take the steps necessary to handle such a
proceeding before the appropriate court. We are also willing to sign a release or any other papers that CURRENT TRUSTEE
would require to facilitate the resignation process.
We hope that CURRENT TRUSTEE will be understanding of our desire to move the trust assets to Reliance Trust Company
and will agree to resign as Trustee. We would appreciate your advising of your decision on this matter in a timely fashion.
Yours truly,
(Beneficiary Name)
If you have questions about this or other personal trust opportunities, please contact your Reliance Consultant at 704-366-8875.


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