Term Paper Evaluation Sheet


Term Paper Evaluation Sheet – GGR 333H5
HAND IN THIS SHEET WITH YOUR TERM PAPER. Please identify yourself and your topic
Student's Name
Student’s Number______________________________________________________
Title: _______________________________________________________
/0.5 Cover page
You are clearly identified (name, number)
The course is clearly identified (number, title, year)
Informative title (including the title of the book under review)
/2.5 Presentation and Length -
Pages numbered; neatly stapled or otherwise bound
All references used in the paper are clearly identified (see the presentation
guide; give me all the information and the full URL and date of access for
your electronic references). Do not list references not used in the text.
Proper citations within the text (scholarly parenthetical citation style)
No footnotes or endnotes unless absolutely necessary
At least 15 pages for single-authored papers (excluding title page, appendixes,
and references). Teams of 2: at least 20 pages. Teams of 3: at least 25 pages.
Keep in mind, however, that quality matters more than quantity.
Double-spaced, typed, with 2.5-cm margins
/28 Scholarly Content
- Your term paper should include the following sections: introduction, main
section(s), conclusion, bibliography, appendix
Introduction: tell me what your main interest is (clearly defined research
question), why I should care, how you will approach your topic and the
limitations of your approach.
Main section(s): either analytical or descriptive. Discuss main issue(s) and
different perspectives on it. Material is well-focused (i.e., answers the research
question). Your conclusion derives logically from your argumentation.
You have built upon the argumentation found in your references. Keep in mind
that you are expected to be familiar with the relevant suggested readings
listed on the GGR333 website whether you reference them or not.
You should be careful to demonstrate that you understand the material covered
and the terms and concepts used.
No evidence of plagiarism, intentional or otherwise
Appendix 1: Your marked Proposal
Appendix 2: This evaluation sheet (last page of your term paper)
Grammar & Spelling
Avoid spelling errors or typos
sentences are properly constructed and complete
paragraphs are logical and well-constructed, not too long or too short
writing style maintains a scholarly tone, no repetitiveness
appropriate and effective vocabulary used
avoids fluff, vague generalities and biased and blatantly normative language
Subjective Component -
this is where the mark can be adjusted to reflect the grader’s overall feeling
about the quality of the review essay
Late Penalty (
days late @ 10% per day)


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