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Official Visit Mileage Reimbursement Form
PSA Information
Visit Date(s):
Total Miles:
Amount of Reimbursement ($.49/mile):
*Please attach documentation of the PSA's mileage (Mapquest, etc.). This reimbursement request will not be
processed without such documentation.
NCAA Legislation
Bylaw General Restrictions---A member institution may pay the prospective student-athlete's actual round-trip
transportation costs for his or her official visit to its campus from any location, provided the prospective student-athlete
returns to the original point of departure, or if return transportation is provided to the prospective student-athlete's home,
educational institution or site of competition, the cost does not exceed round-trip expenses from the prospective student-
athlete's original point of departure. Use of a limousine or helicopter for such transportation is prohibited.
Bylaw Automobile Transportation---If a prospective student-athlete travels by automobile on an official paid visit,
the institution may pay round-trip expenses to the individual incurring the expense (except the prospective student-athlete's
coach as set forth in Bylaw at the same mileage rate it allows its own personnel. Any automobile may be used by the
prospective student-athlete, provided the automobile is not owned or operated or its use arranged by the institution or any
representative of its athletics interests.
Bylaw Prospective Student-Athlete's Friends or Relatives---A prospective student-athlete's friends,
relatives or legal guardians may receive cost-free transportation to visit a member institution's campus only by
accompanying the prospective student-athlete at the time the prospective student-athlete travels in an automobile to
visit the campus.
Bylaw Use of Automobile---The institution or representatives of its athletics interests shall not provide an
automobile for use during the official visit by the prospective student-athlete or by a student host.
Institutional Certification
By signing below, I certify that the above information I included is complete and accurate.
Coaching requesting this reimbursement:
Coach Signature


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