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Sammy and his teacher talk about setting up a behavioral contract, and Sammy said he would like to
work for the chance to be the errand runner for the class. He also has a good friend in another class that
he never gets to see. Sammy and his teacher set up the following contract:
Behavior Contract
I, Sammy, agree to complete my daily math practice sheet.
If I complete this by the end of the math class period, then I can take the attendance to the office.
Bonus: Once I have completed five math practice sheets, I can have lunch with Ethan.
Penalty: If I go for more than two days without completing my math practice, I will have to make my
work up during Friday free time.
We will meet in two weeks to review this contract on February 27, 2010.
Sammy 2/13/10
Ms. Teacher 2/13/10
 Empirical support for contracting focuses on the importance of goal setting (Kelley, & Stokes,
1984; Miller & Kelly, 1994; Ruth, 1996; White-Blackburn, et al., 1977; Williams & Anandam,
 Effective as part of a multicomponent intervention (Xin & Forrest, 2002)
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