Letter Writing Template


Correspondence Instructions
Please return this entire sheet to the following address:
Berisso Kids
2955 Dishroom Drive
Cumming, GA 30028
• We encourage you to use this provided template for future correspondence. To print out
more templates, visit our website at and click on “Helpful Links”. There
you will find a PDF you can print for future letters for your child.
• Please leave the
side of this document blank, so that we can translate the
letter for your child.
• Please type or print neatly to help facilitate speedy translation.
• Confirm your contact information below:
Email Address
Tips for Writing to Your Child
1) Keep your letter short and simple. Ask a few select questions (2-3), but don’t bombard your
child with too many questions that he or she will find difficult to answer.
2) Keep the tone of your letter pleasant and the content age-appropriate. Please do not
discuss issues with your child such as your opinion on politics, theologically questionable
information, extreme details of familial strife, or any sort of sexual relationship. Keep your
tone pleasant, focusing on sharing with your child information about your family and friends,
your vocation, interesting cultural facts about where you live, and hobbies you enjoy.
3) Be aware of your child’s lifestyle. It is fine to share about your vacation or exciting events in
your life, but just be sensitive to the fact that your child does not have the opportunity to go
on vacations or experience certain luxuries that we often take for granted. Use discretion
when sending pictures and going into detail about opportunities that would not be afforded
to your child.
4) All other correspondence outside of the letter template that we provide must be small and
able to fit into a small envelope. Items such as pictures, postcards, or drawings that you or
a child have done are all appropriate to send along with your letter. Please refrain from
sending large items, food, and money to your children.
Please be aware that your letters are all screened and translated by the
Berisso Kids
staff and
that we reserve the right to redact anything from your letter that we deem inappropriate for
your child. Thank you for your commitment to correspond with your child!


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