Student Internship Application


POLS 4942- Undergraduate Internship
POLS 7407- Graduate Internship
An internship can be an invaluable part of your undergraduate or graduate education in the
Political Science Department. Internships provide practical opportunities for applying knowledge
gained through classroom study, and they help build skills and areas of expertise not covered in
the academic curriculum. At the same time, internships contribute to career development through
enhancement of your resumé and professional networking.
An internship combines work experience in an applied setting with academic supervision. It is a
course you must pay for that provides the standard number of academic credits (4 credits
undergrad/3 credits grad). The minimum hours requirement is 15 hours per week
throughout the semester for a total of 225 hours for Undergraduates, and a total of 300
hours for Graduate students. Because of this time commitment, it can be very difficult to
complete an internship during one of the accelerated summer terms. Undergraduate students
proposing an internship during an accelerated term will need to meet with the Experiential
Education Advisor to make an appropriate plan. Graduate students pursuing internship credit in
the summer must register for the full summer term for POLS 7407, meeting all deadlines for that
For undergraduates, internships count toward satisfaction of the Experiential Education
requirement; for graduate students, internships are required of all “pre-service” MPA students and
are an elective option for MA students (PhD students should contact their advisors).
Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, you are committing to the following
activities when you undertake an internship. You should not begin an internship without
reading all of these requirements carefully. Please direct any questions to the current Political
Science Experiential Education Advisor.
1) You must receive pre-approval of your internship position from the department’s
Experiential Education Advisor no later than the last week of the semester immediately
preceding your internship. Only those registrations for the internship course that are approved by,
and done through, the ExEd advisor will be recognized by the department. Internship openings
can be identified by consulting the extensive listing that is maintained on the department’s
website. Students can also propose
internship placements identified through other sources or developed through their own efforts.
2) You must link up with an academic supervisor for your internship. Typically, this is a
full-time member of the department who has expertise related to the area of your internship
activity. It is your responsibility to approach this faculty member and request his/her supervision
of your internship. In some cases, the ExEd Advisor will be the most appropriate academic
supervisor for your internship. Whoever it may be, the academic supervisor must be identified at
the same time that a student’s proposed internship is being reviewed, or no later than the end of
the semester before your internship begins.


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