Party Planning Project


Name ______________________
Create a new spreadsheet that stores the cost for a class party you are planning. You must purchase the
following items for 70 people: paper products/ decorations (plates, silverware, napkins), food/drinks,
and entertainment. Your spreadsheet (SS) should be able to serve as a shopping list also.
The spreadsheet should include four formulas (cell references required). Format the spreadsheet
appropriately and include informative headers and footers. The project must contain a pie chart (as a new
sheet with percent and labels) that displays the Cost per Category and a column chart (as a new sheet)
that compares the different Total Price cost of food items. Right click on the chart area and format the plot
area to be white. Save the spreadsheet naming it Party Planning Project and print a copy with gridlines
and row and column headings. Print and staple to this sheet a copy of the spreadsheet with the formulas
displayed and a copy with the values displayed.
Getting started:
o Choose a theme (i.e. Mexican, western, the 50’s). _________________________
o You have a budget of $700. Do not go over budget. Under budget is OK.
o Choose food, drinks, decorations, and entertainment that support your theme.
o Choose a form of entertainment. Entertainment Cost $200 (i.e. DJ, horse rides, limo)
o Your spreadsheet should display the Item, Quantity, Price per Item, and the Total Price. Include
a Grand Total as well.
o Create a formula with cell references to show the Cost per Student.
o Create a formula with cell references to show the Cost per Category for each of the three following
categories: Food/drinks, Paper products/decorations, and Entertainment.
****Hint: Place the three Costs per Category labels and formulas in adjacent cells at the bottom of the spreadsheet. This
will make it easier to create your pie chart.****
Print and staple in the following order:
Gold sheet, spreadsheet values, spreadsheet formulas, pie chart, column chart
Item graded
Budget and Theme
Column headings and labels
Followed directions
i.e. gridlines, order, correct categories, etc.
Detailed Shopping List
Formula for Total Price
(use cell references)
Formula for Grand Total
(use cell references)
Formula for Cost per Category
(use cell references)
Formula for Cost per Student
(use cell references)
Pie Chart (title, percents)
Column Chart (titles, labels)
Total: 100
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