Storage Rental Agreement


Colleyselfstorage by Polizos Properties LLC
4415 Colley Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23508
Rental Agreement Date: ___________________
Monthly Rent: $________________
Storage Space Number: ____________________
Occupant Name:
Address: ______________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip: _________________________________________________________________
Phone (H): __________________ (W): __________________ (C): ________________________
Email: __________________________
Gate Code: __________________________
Social Security #: _______________________
DOB: _______________________________
Photo ID Provided? _____
Military? _______ Tenant Have Lock? ______
Mgmt Have Key? ______
Tenant Buy Lock? _____
Alternate Address of Occupant:
Name: ______________________
Address: ________________________________________
City/State/Zip: _________________________________
Phone: _______________________
Lien Holder Information: Occupant represents that he owns or has legal possession of the personal property in his space(s) and that all the
personal property in his space is free and clear of all liens and secured interests EXCEPT for the following items (describe property and name of lien-
Description of contents stored or to be stored: (circle all that apply) Household Goods, Furniture, Boxes, Trunks, Suitcases, Toys, Sporting Goods,
Tools &/or other as named:
THIS RENTAL AGREEMENT, (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”), is made and entered into as of the above set forth date (the “Rental
Agreement Date”), by and between ___Polizos Properties LLC____, the Owner, (hereinafter referred to as the “Owner”) and the Occupant
identified above, (hereinafter referred to as the “Occupant”) (collectively “Parties”), whose last known address is set forth above. For the
consideration provided in this Agreement, the Occupant agrees to rent from the Owner, and the Owner agrees to let the Occupant use and occupy
the storage unit at the space number listed above (hereinafter referred to as the “Space”) in the self-service storage facility known as
__Colleyselfstorage.com_______, located in Norfolk, VA (hereinafter referred to as the “Property”). “Space” as used in this Agreement means that
part of the self-service storage facility described above. Such Space shall be occupied only for the purposes specified in this Agreement and at all
times subject to the terms and conditions, beginning on the Rental Agreement Date listed above and continuing month to month until terminated.
Rent. The agreed monthly rent shall be __________ (hereinafter referred to as the “Rent”). Rent shall be paid at the above facility
address, in advance, without demand, before the facility business office closes, on day ________ of each month. MINIMUM RENTAL
PERIOD IS ONE MONTH. THERE IS NO PRO-RATING OF RENTAL AMOUNTS. Occupant further agrees to immediately pay any additional
fees and charges that may become due. A schedule of fees and charges are detailed in paragraph four (4). If any Rent is not paid on or
before the Due Date, or if any check delivered in payment is dishonored, the Occupant shall be deemed to be in default under the terms
of this Agreement. The Occupant’s failure to perform any of its obligations under the terms and conditions of this Agreement or the
Occupant’s breach of the peace shall also constitute a default hereunder. The Occupant agrees and understands that partial payments
made to cure a default for nonpayment or rent will not delay or stop foreclosure and sale of Occupant’s property. The tender of partial
payments shall not serve to waive or avoid the legal effect of prior notices given to Occupant. Only full payment on the Occupant’s
account prior to the published auction date will stop a scheduled sale of the property. Owner accepts checks, money orders and credit
cards. Cash is accepted for walk-in payments only during business hours. DO NOT PUT CASH IN ANY MAIL SLOT OR DROP BOX.
Term. The original term of this Agreement shall begin on ______________, and shall terminate on ___MONTHLY____ (hereinafter
referred to as the “Term”).
Denial of Access. If Rent is not paid before the office closes on the Due Date, Owner may, without notice, deny the Occupant access to
the Space located in the Property. Except per signed court order, Owner shall deny access to any party other than the Occupant who does
not retain gate code and key to lock on Space or has not supplied Owner with written authorization from the Occupant to enter the
Space. Owner may condition Occupant’s access to the Space and Property in any manner deemed reasonably necessary by Owner to
maintain order on the Property. . Such manners may include, but are not limited to, restricting hours of operation, requiring verification
of Occupant’s identity and inspecting vehicles that enter the premises. Additionally, if Occupant is renting more than one Space at any
given time, Occupant’s default on one rented Space shall constitute Occupant’s default on all rented Spaces, entitling Owner to deny
access to Occupant to all rented Spaces.
Fees. Concurrently with the execution of this Agreement, Occupant shall pay to Owner a nonrefundable New Account Administration
Fee of $10.00. Owner shall have no obligation of sending a monthly invoice to Occupant; however, Occupant may elect to pay an
additional fee of $2.00 as an Invoice Fee to receive a monthly invoice. Occupant acknowledges that late payment of Rent shall cause
Owner to incur costs not contemplated by this Agreement, the exact amount of such costs being extremely difficult to fix. Therefore, if


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