Application For An Australian Travel Document


Form B-9
Statement under the Australian Passports Act 2005
Application for an Australian travel document
Child without full parental consent or court order
permitting international travel
A priority processing fee will NOT be accepted before this application is approved
About this form: This statement must be completed and submitted to support an application for a passport for a child (i.e. a person under 18
years who has never married) where a required consent has not been obtained from each person who has parental
responsibility for the child (including persons given rights of residency, custody, access, contact, guardianship, day-to-day or long-term care, wel-
fare or development under a court order issued in relation to the child) and there is no court order which permits the child to travel internationally.
It is your responsibility to obtain the consent of each person whose consent is required. This form should be completed only when you have
exhausted all efforts to obtain the required consents. A separate form is required for each person with parental responsibility who has not provided
their written consent.
You must answer all questions in full. Please print clearly and
1 Child’s details
Child’s full name and current address:
Application form No:
Allow at least 3 - 4 weeks in
addition to the normal
processing time of 10
If applicable, former name(s):
working days
With whom is the child now living?
Do not make firm travel
bookings or pay for tickets
until you know the
application has been
With whom is the
Departure date
child travelling?
Child’s proposed travel
Destination and reason for travel:
Return date
2 Your details
Your full name and current address:
Passport No:
Your relationship to the child:
3 Parents’ marital status
Were you married to the child’s other parent at the time of birth?
What is your current relationship with the child’s other parent? (please circle one answer)
De facto
No relationship
If divorced, please provide date and copy of decree nisi:
This is a referral to an Approved Senior Officer with no guarantee that a passport will be approved.
The special circumstances under which approval may be given are set out in section 11(2) of the Australian Passports
Act 2005 (the Act) and section 2.1 of the Australian Passports Determination 2005 (the Determination). The Act and the
Determination are available at
If you have a genuinely urgent need to travel, please call 131 232 before lodging this statement.
A priority processing fee will NOT be accepted before this application is approved.
Form B-9, March 2011
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