Attachment B: Checks And Balances Worksheet


Attachment B: Checks and Balances Worksheet*
Using your textbook and a copy of the Constitution of the United States, complete the chart
below. For each governmental power listed, identify the branch having the power and the branch
checking the power.
This branch checks this power
Power to...
This branch has this power
(could be more than one)
1. Create and pass legislation
2. Veto bills
3. Ratify treaties
4. Appoint Federal judges
5. Impeach the President
6. Confirm the appointment of
presidential appointments
7. Declare laws unconstitutional
8. Override presidential vetoes
9. Appoint Supreme Court
judges for life
10. Control appropriations of
*NOTE: This worksheet is based on a chart found in a lesson on checks and balances that can be found at
< Answers are also available at this site.


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