Fifth To Sixth Grade Summer Reading Log Template


Students who read do better in school so make sure your child is a reader!
Dear Parents and Guardians,
Studies have shown over and over again that students who
keep reading during summer break are much better prepared
when school starts in the fall. Becoming a reader takes
practice and summer is not a time to take a vacation from
reading. If a routine is established as soon as summer break
starts, your child is more likely to keep up the reading habit.
Thirty minutes per day of reading is recommended for a
student going into sixth grade. More time is better!
Please review the following information with your soon to
be sixth grader.
A minimum of four books is required but students are always welcome to read more!
Your child may pick any four books he/she would like to read as long as the books are at his/her
reading level and each book is from a different category (genre) listed below. Encourage your
child to read at least two Newbery Award or Honor book. Your child needs to record the title,
author, category, and a short (few sentences) summary for each book read on the attached
Reading Log.
Historical Fiction
Graphic Novel
Science Fiction
Current Events
Book written by a Wisconsin author
The Reading Log needs to be turned into Mr.s Sandberg, the Sixth Grade Reading Teacher
on the first day of school. Students who return their completed log will be able to take part in
the Summer Reading Celebration activities planned for the fall.
Happy Reading!
Mondovi Elementary Fifth Grade Staff


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